German Shepherd kennel in
                                              Birmingham, Alabama
                                              producing, training and
                                              importing German Shepherds
                                              from top working dog

Our remaining supply of Karlos and Cazan frozen semen in Birmingham will be given to a qualified breeder. See our Stud Services page.
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Kennel Seeblick, a
                                              small, selective breeding
                                              kennel specializing in
                                              German Shepherd Dogs
"When you purchase a puppy or adult 
from Kennel Seeblick you can expect 
lifetime support for your new family member"
Caring makes the difference

Birmingham, Alabama
 (205) 835-2900

  • Puppy and adult search
  • Free lifetime advice for every pup or adult sold

Columbia Falls, Montana
(205) 835-2900


  • Puppy and adult search
  • Free lifetime advice for every pup or adult sold.

Training classes, Montana only

Phone - (205) 835-2900


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 A Puppy's Privilege 

puppy in a bag
A 10-week-old Kennel Seeblick pup gets a VIP ride to a Birmingham event. He'd better not get used to the royal treatment -- he'll outgrow it in a week or two ...

Cooling Off

A Kennel Seeblick pup discovers the summertime joy of playing in a sprinkler.

See Our Puppies  for information on our latest litters.

Breeder and trainer of protection

dogs for the home and schutzhund sport 
more than 40 years of experience
Member of UScA and SV for over 40 years.

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