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11298 County Road 42
 Jemison, AL 35085

Phone -
(205) 835-2900

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An unsolicited testimonial

Hello Sir, I would like to tell you a story about one of your dogs that I think you will be glad to hear. As most breeders and trainers only hear the horror stories about some of their dogs, this one is quite different. 

I aquired Zoe vom Seeblick from another person last year. This dog has nothing wrong with her but needed proper training and handling. I have been training dogs for almost 30 years and was originally trained by an old German who trained dogs in the '40s with his father for the German Army and was taught the European ways. I think that most Americans are not familiar with good, well-bred German dogs, so they cannot understand what makes them tick and train using the dog's natural abilities to get top results. 

Anyway,  I tested Zoe and saw that she had great potential but just was not aimed in the right direction. 

I have a very close friend who was scared to death when alone at home when her husband left and would even board up the windows and not go near them at night for fear of intruders. She had asked me to find a dog for personal protection. 

I immediately pictured Zoe as the perfect dog for her. They started training together, and it was a perfect match from the start. The dog is just super social with people and even plays with her cat and Bassett Hound.

The natural protective nature of Zoe for the owner is fantastic, and she does her protection work with a breeze. 

She displays the finest qualities of a true protector and is a fine example of what a German Shepherd should be. Zoe does quick, no nonsense protection work with a good, clean, quick out and constant handler focus. 

I just wanted to tell about her and let you know that you have a fantastic breeding line of working dogs, and I am glad someone is breeding the true German Shepherd here in the states. Thank you.

Mike Carter, Instructor
Paramilitary Police Dogs
( 912 ) 536-2934

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A Kennel Seeblick litter at 7 weeks
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Watch this page for future litter announcements. To inquire about puppies or dogs for sale, or to reserve a puppy from  a future litter, E-mail us or give us a call.

(205) 403-2900

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We often have several young females and males for sale, obedience trained, some started in tracking and protection.

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Kennel Seeblick
2429 Vale Drive
Birmingham, Alabama 35244
Phone - (205) 403-2900

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