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(Frozen semen only: We still have frozen semen from Karlos and Kazan stored at my veterinarian's clinic in Prattville, AL. I will give it to an individual or breeder, provided the female is from European bloodlines and has OFA or SV-certified hips and elbows.)


Karlos von der Kinzigau

  SchH 3, AD, "a"-normal hips.  OFA Good hips, OFA normal elbows
 Karlos' sire, Rocky, is the father of the 2005 Bundessieger. He sired 3 other Bundessieger participants. Offspring of Karlos' grandfather, Troll, sired 20 2005 Bundessieger participants.

Karlos' pedigree:

                     Troll von der bösen Nachbarschaft, SchH3 (V-BSP)

 Sire: Rocky v.d. Zingelgärten SchH3 (V-BSP)

                    *Kisa von Lützing  SchH3 FH

                    *Dundee vom Linsengericht FH1, SchH3 KKL1 

 Dam: Inka v.d.Kinzigau  SchH1

                     *Gitte von der Adelegg SchH2 KKL2 

Cazan v.h. Basjes Huis

BH -  AD - Showrating G - DNA
DOB : 17th November 2003           LOSH : 0938821
OFA Good hips; OFA normal elbows

Line breeding :
Belschik v Eicken Brucke 2 - 2

Cazan v.h. Basjes Huis

Xamm v.d. Daelenberghutte
SchH3, IPO3, KKL2
WUSV competitor
Belschik v Eicken Brucke SchH3
WUSV competitor
Troll  vd Bosen Nachbarshaft
Ina vom Scherwald SchH3
Rani v.d. Daelenberghutte
Blacky vom Neuen Lande
BSP and World champion
Ondra von Muikenshof SchH3

Bezzy v. Knausholz
SchH3  KKL2
Belschik v Eicken Brucke SchH3
WUSV competitor
Troll  vd Bosen Nachbarshaft
Ina vom Scherwald SchH3
Elfi zum Herrmann - Röchlingdenkmal
Greif vom Herkulesblick SchH3
Riska vom Götzweier SchH1
Heiko vom Westrupperland
Heiko vom Westrupperland, SchH 3
 AD, OFA good
Zuchtwert 91
Heiko was a hard dog with strong nerves. At 10 months he passed the selection test for a dual dog, narcotics and patrol. He was a very athletic, high-energy dog, very high in all drives and always pronounced in courage. He passed on these traits to his offspring.
Heiko's pedigree:

                                  Mink vom Haus Wittfeld, SchH 3, FH

 Sire: Jalk von der Lindenhalle, SchH 2, FH

                                  Falka von der Lindenhalle, SchH 2, FH

                                  Arek vom Stoffelblick, SchH 3, FH

 Dam: Hera von Korbes-Fichte, SchH 1

                                  Bessi von der Ill-Aue, SchH3

Heiko enjoyed swims to retrieve his favorite toy at Kennel Seeblick.

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